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Brand Importance

Most athletes don't know how to build their brand, and as a result are leaving millions of dollars that they could have earned on the table.  They are so focused on playing their favorite sport that they don't give any thought to what they are going to do when they are too old or hurt to play. Guys like Michael Jordan or Shaq didn't become as weathly as they are by just playing sports.  They understood the importance of building a brand.  They haven't played sports professionally for years now, but you know who they are, and what they do because they built a brand.  Both of them have made more money off the court than they ever did on the court.  They aren't the only ones who understood this.

You have put all this time into practicing your sport.  Don't you think it's about time to put some time into practicing building your brand?  What would happen if you get hurt, or just get too old to keep playing?  What if you don't make it to the pros?  That isn't the time to start thinking about building a brand.  You need to take advantage of the popularity that you have while you are activily playing to jump start your brand building and gain a loyal following.  The earlier you start, the less money you will leave on the table.

Money on the table
Your fans gives you the tools to create a loyal following of fans that will continue to follow you, even after you are finished playing professionally.Start building your following in high school and college, then carry that following with you to the pros.  You are already putting content on social media, why not put it somewhere that will actually make you money, rather than just giving it all away for free.  Just look at some of the things you can do on to build a loyal following of fans and start monitizing your name, image, and likeness to build your own brand.

  • Live video calls allow you to engage directly with your fans, so you can create an intimate connection with them, which will translate to life long fans.
  • Live chat rooms allow your fans to gather together, even when you aren't available in real time, helping you maintain fan relations on your own schedule.
  • Affiliate Bounties allow you to reward your biggest fans.  When they send you more subscribers you both make money.
  • Recorded video allows you to tell your story.  Show the recruiters what you can do.  From your best highlights to what you had for breakfast, the sky is the limit in how you engage your fans.
  • Start your own podcast and expand your network by inviting others to your show.  This will allow you to take advantage of someone else's popularity to help build your own.

Our Features

Live Video Calls
Engage your fans with a live video call. You get to choose whether you want a one way presentation style call, or a full conversation with your fans. Create a loyal fan base by giving them access to the real you.
Put your podcast online to help build your brand and your fan base. You can do a free podcast, or put it behind a paywall, the choice is yours. You can even do both if you want.
Live Chat
Would you prefer to interact with your fans via text? You can take advantage of our live chat feature. Stay connected with your fans on your schedule.
Recorded Video
Upload videos to engage with your fans. Show them the latest highlights, your training schedule, or just what you had for breakfast. Your fans want to know what you are doing, so show it to them.
NIL Opportunities
If you run a collective you can take advantage of NIL to generate revenue for the athletes.
Affiliate Program
Grow your audience with the help of our affiliate program. You can incentivize your fans to help continue to grow your fan base. The more they bring to you the more they make.

So how much does it cost?

Would you be surprised if I told you that it doesn't cost you anything to get started? That's right, zero, nada, nil. I can see the gears in your head turning right now. If it doesn't cost me anything, then how does make any money? That's the beauty of this site. We only make money if you make money, so it costs you nothing to give it a try.  We aren't going to lie, it will require some work on your part, money isn't free after all, and your fans aren't going to pay you to do nothing, but if you do it right then they will pay you while you sleep. You can find all the details of how you get paid in our terms of service that can be found here:

How much can I make?

The sky is the limit on how much you can make. If you provide value that your fans are willing to pay for then you can make as much money as you want. Are you willing to spend time on a video call with your fans? They will pay you for it. Are you willing to interact with them in chat? They will pay you for it. Are you willing to give them video updates of what is going on and off the field? They will pay you for it. They are fans, they want to interact with you. How much are you willing to interact with them? That's how much you will make. Do you have 1000 fans? Would they pay $20 per month to have a group video call with you a few times during the month? You would make $16,000 per month or $192,000 per year for spending a few hours a month with your fans. Do you want to make more than that, then spend more than a few hours a month on video calls. You could also set a higher monthly fee, or the easy thing, just get more fans. If you have 2000 fans you could be doing $384,000 per year for not much more work.

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